Food for Good Edinburgh

Food for Good is a coalition of industry professionals working together to cook and distribute free meals for those in need across Edinburgh. At Food for Good we ensure that community, dignity and sustainability are embedded into everything we do.


We operate a number of safe kitchens cooking and distributing over 3,000 nourishing, delicious meals every week. These meals are distributed across Edinburgh postcodes, either direct to door for those in immediate need or through our network of partners and community groups.

We believe no-one should be isolated from good food due to COVID-19.


We work with Nourish Scotland to ensure dignity practices are in place throughout our operation, from sourcing and preparing our meals to distributing and feedback to support and inform our work.  We actively encourage communication directly and through our community organisations to ensure people enjoy the food we are making and contribute to making our service the best experience it can be.


We’re working to use local, sustainable suppliers for our meals, lessening our impact and reusing food which may otherwise be wasted to deliver delicious, healthy and sustainable meals.

At Food for Good we ensure that community, dignity and sustainability are embedded into everything we do. We believe access to good food is a right, not a privilege.

Malin Wollberg of Nourishing Change being interviewed by the BBC on behalf of Food for Good Edinburgh
Malin Wollberg from Nourishing Change chatting to BBC Scotland

Our mission

Providing a buffer for existing public and community food organisations working on the front-line by safely preparing, storing and distributing meals that can be accessed in times of urgency.

Who we are

It started with a group message and has now evolved into a coalition which makes and distributes meals. We now have a team of volunteer chefs and delivery drivers working in donated kitchen spaces and supporting community organisations. The coalition partners are:

How we work – Three Tiers of Distribution

Food for Good Edinburgh works with partner distribution organisations, community groups and directly with individuals to provide free, fresh, nutritious meals to those who need them. Our four tiers of distribution help us to efficiently and effectively address community needs.

Tier One: Supporting Partner Organisations

We will work directly with key partner distribution organisations to supply prepared meals by prior arrangement or as urgency requires.

Tier Two: Local / Community Drop-offs

We identify and contact local/community aid organisers to provide food aid to those most vulnerable and to prevent people falling through the gaps of existing service provision. We work with local community groups, ‘street level coordinators’, etc: anyone who understands the need in their local area and is able to distribute food door to door from a drop off point. Some of our current partnerships include: Helping Hands, Heavy Sound CIC and Multi-Cultural Family Base. We are also developing links with NHS-24 and City of Edinburgh Council.

Tier Three: Emergency Door to Door Distribution and Signposting

Emergency ‘one off’ distribution for individual households. We use existing knowledge and contacts to join the dots between organisations and individuals. We also signpost to other services as appropriate to ensure that no one is left hungry.